1st - 3rd October.
We run under the same full moon.

Add your kms to run around the world, passing us the full moon from country to country.


Join the movement.

Your race number is unique in the world and it will be yours forever.

You will be able to join every FullMoonRunning regardless of where you are in the world

Official T-shirt

Official T-shirt

Solid black running shirt. Dry-fit mesh thread. Combination of fabrics. Honeycomb back. 100% Textured Breathable Polyester.

How to participate:

Go for a run every full moon.

With your number you can join our global gatherings wherever you are in the world, along with thousands of runners participating from their countries.

Fullmoonrunning is not a race. It doesn't matter the distance, nor the mark. It’s all about being part of a global movement.

The first FullMoonRunning

FullMoonRunning gatherings.

FullMoonRunning gatherings are organized in many cities.

You too can organize a small hangout with more runners and friends.

Write to hello@fullmoonrunning.com and we will help you organize one.

1. Choose your favourite route to run during the full moon.
2.Select and communicate the time and a starting line.
3.Share with your friends.
If you want to share it with other runners from your area, we can help you organize it.
4.The selected day, you will guide the participants trough the route.

The moon today

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